Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Restaurant Review- Zengo

Tonight was the first of my two-in-a-row restaurant week dinner dates. Tonight Lani, Amanda and I headed out to Zengo, a Japanese Mexican restaurant in north downtown. In long, Zengo is a restaurant that mixes Japanese and Mexican food elements in order to create a new awesome fusion cuisine. In short, it was amazing. Here’s what we had:


Angry Zengo Sushi Roll- Spicy Yellowfin Tuna, avocado, sesame-chipotle rouille, wasabi tobiko

Kobe Chorizo Quesadilla- Roasted corn, Oaxaca cheese, salsa verde, crema, avacado-tomatillo pico de gallo

Reveiw- The quesadilla was just a little overly spicy for me, but was still enjoyable. We all LOVED the sushi.

Main Course:

Pan Roasted Herbed Chicken Breast- Oaxaca mashed potatoes, shimeji mushrooms, baby bok choy, achiote-truffle sauce

Achiote Barbecued Salmon- Daikon-wasabi potato puree, broccolini, warm bacon ponzu, chipotle egg sauce

Review- The girls really loved the Salmon, and while it was very well cooked, I wasn’t crazy about the sauce. I really liked the chicken, and would probably have said that I loved it if I hadn’t already had so much chili sauce lately.

Dessert Course:

Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse

Orange and Yuzu Custard with Pistachio Ice Cream

Mango Sorbet & Fresh Fruit

Review: Amanda really loves chocolate mousse. Lani really loved the mango sorbet. I really loved the pistachio ice cream and the crust on the custard. It turned out that I liked parts of each of the desserts, but wasn’t crazy about any of them as a whole.


We each had a glass of wine, one Roja, one Pino Grigio and one Riesling. I don’t know the names of the specific brands we got, but they were all very good.

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