Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Restaurant Find: Jasper's Peak

I headed up to Scottsdale a couple weekends ago for a weekend out of town, some shopping, and caught up with fellow Iron Chef Blogger Challenger Lauren M. We finished off our day with a group dinner at a restaurant that a friend's boyfriend chose. It was a little Cajun-style restaurant, Jasper's Peak Bistro, tucked in the way back of a ginormous plaza in what looked like the middle of nowhere. It was amazing.

Lauren and her fiance Brian started with these delicious beignets.

I chose the po' boy sandwich with a side of gumbo. I've never had Cajun food before, but if it tastes like this, I would definitely get behind it. The sandwich was so stuffed, I ate it with a knife and fork, and my gumbo was delicious and filling.

Jenna chose a meatloaf entree, topped with tomato sauce and sided with garlic mashed potatoes and wilted spinach. I had a few bites of her mashed potatoes, and I loved the garlicky bite to them.

All in all, a really fantastic meal with some really great friends.

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