Thursday, September 3, 2009

Favorite Foods: Egg Custard Tart

Can you tell I've been expanding the range of this blog? I figure we can do more than just cook and that it's all an appreciation and love for food, so I've been sharing more food-related things I love. I promise we'll never stray away from food, even if I occasionally stray from cooking. But truthfully, I eat out as often as I cook, and every once in awhile, I just have to tell you about the great things I'm eating that I didn't cook. Like this egg custard tart. This might not be the most amazing picture, but egg custard tarts are the most delicious dessert.

I always get them when I go to dim sum, which I always describe as a Chinese brunch. Think tapas or small plates, where you're getting many different small dishes. Dim sum is also fun because it's servers pushing carts around with these small dishes to your table and you picking and choosing from their carts. That's probably a really poor description, but suffice it to say, dim sum is delicious and a fun eating experience. I have terrific memories of going into Philadelphia's Chinatown with family and eating dim sum and then eating egg custard tarts or going to the bakeries and getting these.

I was craving dim sum so I took a few friends with me to Gee's Garden in Tucson and introduced them to the concept and now they're big fans. Gee's Garden, by the way, is alright food. It's nothing like Philadelphia. This photo is from last week's brunch. As it turns out, dim sum is also fabulous after a late night evening of drinks and dancing.


  1. Do you know how long I thought dim sum was some enormously tasty dish that everyone seemed to really like? Thanks for the explanation of what it really is!

  2. That's what I'm here for! Try it sometime! It's a lot of dumpling-type foods is how Vanessa thinks of it, but it's really just lots of different foods.

  3. i think i saw a dim sum place here in vegas. now i'mma have to go.