Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wednesday Night Dinners: Sushi

I apologize for the lack of updates. Sometimes, you just don't feel like cooking. Or I've cooked, but it's not anything special. But I feel bad about not updating so here we go. I am at least going to attempt to start posting my Wednesday Night Dinners. Sometimes there will be a recipe, sometimes just a photo of what we made and a quick commentary. But I thought that would add a fun element and then you'll hear from me at least once a week.

To introduce, Wednesday Night Dinners started a few weeks ago. A couple friends and I gathered for dinner one Wednesday night, then another Wednesday night, and then we realized we could do this every Wednesday. It's a pretty consistent cast of characters now. The photo below is from two weeks ago when we attempted to make our own sushi. Pretty amateur, but pretty fun.

For more detailed sushi instructions, try The Pioneer Woman's sushi how-tos.

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